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About Us

The details of our multi-cultural personalities and global company that recognizes differences and this is serious. Behind the brand „vasu“ are personalities with many years of experience in large companies and different industries. In all our projects we focus us principle on the needs and goals of our customers. The result is an efficient and long-term collaboration with our business partner, which is characterized by a constant evaluation in the project process.


years of experience

Your needs – meets unique values that we have more than 18 years experiences with a solid reputation in leading complex product development and marketing projects that brought customer satisfaction to new dimensions.



Each project is a unique set up always principle focusing on the needs and goals of our clients.



Are you looking for a one-stop-solution? Welcome, you’ve just found these.

PASSION – the entire team attend to every aspect of each project, regardless if it is a small or huge project.

We love working with Customers. Projects based on our solutions gives unlimited possibilities.

MISSION – of our team to be successful with you, no matter if it is a simple or a complicated way.


Our mission is very clear – “vasu – empowers you” To break new ground, generous traditions. Maintains we have our corporate principles at all these changes. Any aspects concerning our business based on the intact balance between our four values:



  • BE YOU

SMART MOVE – a team that is not just crazy enough to think that it could change the world, but it does. We refer to ourselves as mavericks, visionaries, idealists and sometimes “Nein Sager”